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Kaizo and social media

04 Mar 2013

Social Media Gets Commercial

Whether it’s Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, or Vine, social media is now offering businesses and brands more commercial and not just creative and campaign opportunities.

Take the recent shift by Facebook into the realm of money transfer for instance. Whilst many may believe that Facebook is simply reserved for commenting on friend’s walls and liking pages, the social networking site has moved to incorporate brand pages, host competitions and surveys, and now offers users the ability to transfer money to other Facebook friends at a competitively low fee.

The service uses online service provider, Azimo, and demonstrates that Facebook – like other social media platforms – is rapidly adding a more commercial component.

Online sampling is another example of businesses using social media for commercial activity. These can be in the form of physical products trialled by a brand creatively such as on Instagram, as was done by Rimmel for the launch of its Scandaleyes mascara where participants received a Rimmel gift pack if their photo received the most likes.

To make your social media activity more commercial, why not ask yourself the following?

  • How could I use the functionality of each social media platform to my advantage? For example, by monitoring tweets you could identify potential triggers for purchase and respond accordingly
  • Will my target audience engage with my content? And if so, how can I use that to trigger the opportunity to buy?
  • Could a social network help me capture data for use in more traditional marketing campaigns? The reality is that, set up the right way, activity on a social network can provide invaluable data as the foundation for wider marketing. With so many platforms available for people to use at any point throughout the day, the data opportunities for your business could be significant.

New developments in technology teamed with innovation and creativity, are leading to new ways for businesses to be present on social media. In fact, last year Kaizo proved via its Unilever VIP project on Facebook that people are very happy to have a direct relationship with brands that can have commerce at its heart.

In addition to adding a new platform with which to reach consumers, businesses can also gain valuable data about their target using social media.

A business can use:

  • Facebook to gauge sentiment of an experience a consumer is having to feed in to product development
  • Twitter to see trends about consumers having the same experience
  • Instagram to monitor how many consumers are sharing photos of the experience
  • Youtube to gain shareable video content of the experience
  • Google Places to record how many people are going to a place for an experience
  • Tumblr to target key bloggers writing about the experience

Communities are becoming more commercial, this could be a real opportunity for your brand.

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